How to find the Chattanooga area home you really want…
You may have begun your Chattanooga area home search by looking on line – viewing photos and reading
property descriptions. After a while you probably realized that those listings don’t tell you
For starters, if you’re not familiar with all the streets in the community, you don’t know if the
location will be convenient to work, school, or other important places. Then, unless the agent has
posted floor plans and comprehensive virtual tours, you don’t know if the room sizes or the floor
plan will suit your household.
It comes down to the fact that you need an agent – one who is familiar with the listings and
has access to more information than you can find on the web.
The second thing you need is clear information to give that agent. That means its time for
you to sit down with others in your household and begin making lists – 3 of them, in fact.
First begin with a list of features or benefits that you either must have or really, really want.
For instance, you may absolutely need an extra room to use as a home office. You might need an
over-sized living room to house a grand piano or an over-sized garage to house toys or an antique
car. Perhaps you’re an avid gardener and you “must have” a sunny space in the yard for a garden. You
might need walking trails or a nearby dog park.
Whatever is most important, put it on the list, right along with the number of bedrooms and baths
you actually must have. Remember to include information about the location you need.
List #2 is for those things you’d like to have if you can find them in a home that meets your

absolute needs.

That might include a bay window, a skylight, or two closets in the master

The third list is for things you don’t want.
These are things that would make you say “No” to a house in the Chattanooga area even if it had everything on
your “must have” list.
It could be a busy street, stairs to access the main level, or a location under the flight path of a
nearby airport. I heard about one gentleman who told his agent he absolutely did not want more
than one bedroom. He didn’t want to make it convenient for his children or other guests to spend
the night. 
If you have trouble coming up with good lists, look at your current dwelling. What do you love
about it? What would you change if you could?
Give your agent a copy of each of your lists well ahead of your appointment. He or she knows
the inventory and can add or eliminate homes from your tour based on your specific wants and
You’ll save time, have more fun, and increase your chances of finding the perfect house.
If you’re just beginning the search and don’t yet have an agent here in the Chattanooga area, call me! I’d love to
use your lists to help you find the home that’s just right for you and yours.